Suleski Transportation Snow Plow construction project continues.

Phase 4 (To read from the beginning click here)

Walking through the paint department you can see crews have painted the red and blue on the 4 v-plows.
ST SP-3 thru 6 will be having wings & front blades installed shortly.

Our Safety and Risk Management Department looked at the walkways we have on the roofs of the plows and made us install a safety railing for crews to hook safety harnesses to when working to clear the snow off. It will help if they ever have to access the roof while out in a storm.

Here crewman John Dee checks the railing on top of the single throw plow SP-7.

We have started to hire new crew members to man all the new plows. Here three newly hired probationary members are going through orientation. They are wearing their blue Suleski Transportation jump suits, orange vests and orange hard hats.  This allows them to stand out so veteran railroaders can assist them as needed.

Crews are warned about the wing pinch points and the workings of all systems and Company safety and operation protocols.


There is another winter storm warning in effect for Friday afternoon into Saturday morning so work is on a priority for finishing all the single throw plows.

Shop crew worked through the night Thursday to have the three single throw plows ready for operation.

Here crews work to install the adjustable metal blades on the front of the plows.

Here the night security guard has plenty to watch as he is usually all alone in the shop.

Johnny Dee is a perfectionist when it come to the mechanical connections. Everything must work perfect for him.


Here ST SP-8 and SP-9 are inside the shop. Due to track spacing they have to be large wing side out when parked next to each other if we want to check the hydraulics. Johnny Dee is giving the new rear coupler a final check.

Here one of our new crewmen practices with the safety harness so that he will be used to working it in case he has to go up during a snow storm.

You will notice crews installed the flood light on top of the cab along with the radio antenna and the red accident beacon. The red accident beacon was another idea from our Safety and Risk Management Department. If the crew member in the cab of the plow gets thrown from the bench during operation and canít get back in 30 seconds it will go off to warn the Engine crew of possible injury. (I know it should never happen if they are wearing their seat belts)

Here are the units with the blades installed and ready to go:

Here is a test of the flood lights:

Now we shut off the shop lights to see how it looks:

We will post more photos as these projects progress.

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