Suleski Transportation begins Snow Plow construction project.

Well so far the Farmers Almanac has been right and New England is under record snowfalls for this winter. Jay Frost and crew are checking out SP-1 after it has seen heavy work in November and December. Snow has just started falling again in the first Storm of '08.

SP1 was put into service on February 3, 1996 and has seen service on numerous railroad across the country. Jay has been after us for more snow fighting equipment to help keep our ever expanding rail lines clear. 

The Board of Directors has approved the funding to expand our equipment used for plowing operations.  The Suleski Transportation car shops begins this equipment building project.  Until now SP-1 is the only plow we used to keep our entire line cleared. Needless to say as the the companies right of way has expanded, the job of keeping the lines open has gotten more difficult. Now with the approval of our equipment expansion we will be able to clear our lines quicker and offer mutual aid to our neighboring railroads.

Here you can see a flat car of rail trucks has been set in the car shop and crews are unloading them and setting them on the rails using the overhead hoist.

Crews take the required union break after the unloading is completed.

Here crews position the trucks and lower the plow platforms into place. Itís nice to have such a modern facility and all the right equipment to make things move right along.

Here crew member Johnny Dee uses the coupler height gauge to check the coupler install.

Here the plow cabins are delivered in prefabricated form. They are lifted off the flat car and installed on the platforms.

Once the cabins are in place on the frames Crews will work on the interiors and Roof walks and ladders will be added.

Here is a photo taken from the catwalks above the car shop showing the cabins in place.


Next switcher crews remove the empty flat and push in a flat full of the plow frames.

The plow frames are then hoisted into place on the platforms.

As crews work to get the plow frames into place you can see how the look of the plows quickly take shape.  Careful measurements will be taken so we can bend the sheeting to form the plow blades.  Wings, and crews area will be added.

Here is an overview of the plows with cabins and plow frames in place.

Now we will go over to the wood shop. These are the guys that built and have loving cared for SP-1 over the past 11 years. They have been working on a new project also. Not to be outdone with these new Steel and Aluminum plows, they are building a sister plow to SP-1

Here they have the plow frame on the platform.

Here the cabin is installed, the wood cabin was built more complete before being hoisted into place.
The plow frame is also given more support with siding.  Ladder rungs, steps and windows still need to be installed along with the crew cab.

The crew then will get the wood plow blade substructure ready for the brass blade overlay.


Now we will head over to the next department where crews are working another type of plow. These are single throw plows that are used for removing the snow from the double track main lines. Unlike the gull wing wedge plows, these plows push the snow to only one side. So now when we plow the double track main line we wonít be throwing snow from one track onto the other and having to go back over in extra runs.

Here crews are in the process of hoisting the final plow frame onto the third platform.

These plows will help speed up our plow runs. One left plow and one right plow on each end of the plow extra will allow for quick clearing of the double track main line. With diesel power in the center we can plow both ways without turning.

Here is another over head shot from this departments catwalk. You can see these cabins already have the roof walks installed.  The wings on these will be larger on the throw side. 

We will post more photos as these projects progress. (To go to phase 2 of the project)

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