Suleski Transportation Snow Plow construction project continues.

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Crews have worked all week on the Plow Project. A lot of the work is interior and mechanical so progress might not look as quick as the first two days.

Crews in the car shops working on the Single Throw plows have installed the crew cabs. These have heated windows instead of windshield wipers and they are trying a new slanted roof design to allow snow to flow over the cab also. Side and rear windows are portals like on a ship. We got a good deal on them from the Portsmouth Ship yard in NH.

There is a lot of wiring and gaskets that get done along with installing radios, seats and controls. There are a lot of trades and skills involved in this project.

When the Metal fabrication shop gets the plow blade done it will make these look real nice.

Next they have to install the wings. On the side throw plows the wings are two different sizes.

In the wood shop things are progressing faster. They are only working on one plow. Because of the storm warning some extra crew have been assigned to help get another plow on the line.

Here painters have actually almost finished. Since the wood plow can be hand painted it is done in the wood shop. The metal plows will need to go to the paint shop and be sprayed in the booth.

They havenít installed any glass yet, but itís quicker to paint without it. Again the glass will be installed with heating elements to keep it clear. It is very thick glass so it wonít break if struck by ice or snow.

Here crews are moving one of the plow wings into position for installation.

The overhead crane holds it in position while the hinges are installed.

The wood plow is also waiting for the fabrication shop to make the metal blade, but it is ready for the finishing touches like ladder rungs, grab irons and brake wheels.

Once pistons are hooked up the wings will be tested.

The Marketing Department sent over a proof sheet for the plow graphics.

Itís pretty impressive to see all the number plates before they are installed. Our Marketing and Graphics department has some of the best equipment, I donít think other railroads come close to their abilities.

Here crews have started to install the graphics on the plow

Some spots require getting into some tough positions to install, but you know how important it is to get that company image out there.


Here crewmen get ready to install the plow blade. The blade is the only part that will need to be painted in the spray booth because its metal.

Here you can see the stirrups, grab irons and ladder rungs. You can also see the low glare glass.

The plow was numbered SP-2. The number plate reads ďSuleski Transportation Maintenance of Way".

The Crew in the wood shop have installed the brake system and the exterior brake wheel on SP-2 and put them through a test.


The crew has also finished mounting the blades on the wings. This helps the wings cut into the snow and throw it up and away from the right-of-way.

Here is a photo of  the finished SP-2 in the wood shop.

Here we have taken SP-2 out and tested all its systems. Itís parked on a siding behind the shops waiting for the next storm where it will be put to work with SP-1.


Work is progressing along in the other shops also. It just seems to take longer because they are working on multiple units.

Here crews have finished installing the cabs on the four metal V-plows. Itís late Saturday evening and the Last employee is finishing up as Adam Anderson, the night watchman, comes on duty. Yes we have great security at Suleski Transportation thanks to grants from Homeland Security.

We will post more photos as these projects progress.  (Jump to Phase 3)

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