Suleski Transportation has also begun repainting containers for its Intermodal Service.

The following shots were taken from inside the spray booth.  The containers are placed on old 55 gallon drums of paint so the bottom sill can be painted.

First the 2 old Mitsui OSK lines containers were primed with black then painted red.


The old Conrail Mercury Container was just painted silver.


The Silver container was lettered for NTCRR from graphics supplied by the company.

The CAS intermodal service containers were lettered by our shop.

Then the containers were put into service:

CAS Is owned by Larry Mosher of Beverly, MA and NTCGRR is owned by Marty Cozads of Nebraska City, Nebraska

Here they go out of the yard

We have started a graphics exchange program, if your railroad runs container service and you would like graphics mailed to you to change a NYK blue container to a Suleski Transportation container (Without Painting) for your railroad send us an email.

Here is a photo of a Suleski Transportation container in Nebraska City, Nebraska

(Photo by Marty Cozads)

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