More Foreign power graces the right of way of Suleski Transportation heading for our Engine Maintenance Facility for repainting.

Here ST #28 a GP38-2 leads an SD45 in Reading Bee Line paint from Amherst NH to the shop.


Here the Engine Maintenance facility is getting ready to repaint the Bee Line to Southern Pacific to match an old GP20 that still works in Amherst.  CAS has also sent a SD40-2 in CP paint to be redone in their own paint scheme.


The following shots were taken from inside the spray booth.


Sanded, masked and ready                                       1st coat of black primer

After the second coat a black primer, three coats of SP dark gray are applied.  After that all dries the face and rear are masked and painted SP Scarlet.  At first it looks a bit orange, but after the third coat you can see why they call it a bloody nose.


This shot is taken showing the finished back of the engine before the railing are reinstalled.  You can see it is a bright and unseasonably warm December day through the open garage doors.

Here are the two units heading to their home road in Amherst, NH. ST crews will take them to the interchange and ride back with the scheduled road freight.


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