2-27-12 thru 3-1-12  Plow Extras?

Monday February 27th

Notice to all Employees:

National Weather Service Bulletin - Winter Storm Watch is in effect for our area for Wednesday afternoon through Thursday.

In the break room at the Suleski Transportation engine maintenance facility.
5 minutes before the 6am shift.

" Hey did you guys see the bulletin board - we have a snow storm coming."

"How many times have you seen a Storm Watch this winter Jay, We haven't had any plowable snow all season.  Hell, we haven't seen snow since October.  All we do is grease and maintain the plows.  We're lucky they haven't laid us off.  Those weather guessers are never right anyway.  We'd be better off if they just said we were getting flurries. Then I might worry."

Tuesday February 28th

In the break room at the Suleski Transportation engine maintenance facility.
4 minutes before the 6am shift.

"Guys I think we are gonna get nailed with this storm."

"Easy there Jay, you've been like the boy that cried wolf all winter.  You wish for snow storms like all the plow truck drivers.  Believe it or not the rest of us are happy we haven't had to shovel our driveways yet this winter."

"I'm telling you - I can feel it in the air.  We are finally going to get the big one guys."

"OK Jay we know you have that sixth sense about snow, but this storm will go north or south of us like every other one has this winter.  You can just sit in the cab of your plow and dream, we are all wishing against you.  We are lucky the boss hasn't loaned us out to any other railroads."


Wednesday February 29th (leap year)

National Weather Service Bulletin - Winter Storm Warning

1-2 feet of snow over the next 36 hours

 Periods of light snow 5pm till 8pm. Snow Heavy 8pm till midnight. Temperatures steady in the low 30s. Winds ENE at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of snow 100%.


In the break room at the Suleski Transportation engine maintenance facility.
10 minutes before the 6am shift.

"OK guys this is the day.  Everyone check the board for your plow extra assignment numbers.
I've put up the schedule of the crews."

"Jay is in his glory and it looks like he might be right.  Well guys,  get ready for a long night"

"It's OK Bill, my wife went crazy this Christmas on the kids and ran up the credit cards.  I can use the overtime."

"Your wife wasn't the only one.  Mine was thinking we would continue to get all that overtime like last year also.  I think she was actually disappointed to have me home every night so far this winter. "

"Well I bet we are one of the last northern railroads to go out plowing this year.  I will admit I missed it, just don't tell Frost."


Jay Frost has crews ready SP#1 inside the Engine Maintenance Facility for the "Leap Year Storm".

Wednesday February 29th -  Noon

Notice to all Employees: All Suleski Transportation Plow extra employees can go home at noon and report back at 7pmfor duty.


3:00pm Wednesday February 29th (leap year) first snowflakes fall in Amesbury since October.

7:00pm Wednesday February 29th -

In the break room at the Suleski Transportation engine maintenance facility.  Jay Frost holds a crew meeting.

"OK guys Its happening - The LEAP YEAR STORM.  Everyone check the assignment board we are sending out three plow extras to keep the lines clear. 
Plow extra 1 will be in charge of keeping the  industrial sidings and single track areas clear with SP#1.  Plow extra 2 will be in charge of keeping the main yard clear working with the switching crew in SP#2.  Plow extra 3 will be working the double track main line with SP#7 and #8 .    If anyone gets in trouble we will have Plow extra 4 on standby with crews on call. Let's get to it guys and be safe out there."

ST SP1&2
Plow Extras 1 & 2 on standby outside the Engine Maintenance facility at 7pm

Plow extra 3 with SP#7 and SP#8 heading out to the double track main.

Due to problems on the Pan Am/MBTA main the Amtrak Down-Easter was once again rerouted over Suleski Transportations tracks.
Pam Am had trouble getting stations cleared so MBTA commuter rails were delayed causing back ups.

Amtrak Downeaster

Thanks to Plow extra crews keeping our lines clear passengers to Portland were not delayed.

Suleski Transportation Plow Extra crews worked through the night alternating breaks keeping the lines clear of snow.

Thursday March 1st

National Weather Service Bulletin - Chance of Snow: 100%

 Periods of light snow. A brief lull in the precipitation is possible around 9am. Cloudy and windy. Temperatures steady in the low 30s. Winds ENE at 15 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 100%. Additional snowfall 6 inches through 2:00pm.

ST SP-1 Leap Year Storm
Plow extra 1 parks in front of Rocky Ledge Station as Dawn finally comes. 
Crews take their required safety break before continuing the battle against the Leap Year Storm. 

As of Noon snow is still falling and Plow Extra Crews are still at work.
Thanks to the work of the plow extra crews freight is still moving on Suleski Transportation. 

Does this count for March coming in like a Lion?


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