3-27-10  East Coast Large Scale Train Show Fun.

The Suleski Transportation traveled for its annual trip to York, PA.  While there we got to meet lots of old friends and make some new ones.
We also got to have some fun.

Casey's Diner is a on the new modules owned by Barbara and Allen Kessler (Larry Mosher bought the rats, but it was my idea to make the story that Barbara hasn't seen yet)

York Daily Record
Saturday   March 27, 2010 


By Seemoore McTruth
News Desk Reporter

Patrons ran screaming from Casey’s Diner yesterday at 5:30 pm as rats chased them out of the building.
It happened right during the dinner rush.  Police were called to the scene along with the York Board of Health.
Rats were even seen on the diners roof.

Miss Lucile Buxholm was found screaming hysterically as she was the last patron out of the diner.
Miss Buxholm said she was pushed to the ground as the waiter and cooks knocked her down rushing out the door.
“I felt the rats run over me as I was on the floor, I couldn’t get out of that place quick enough”, said Miss Buxholm as she shivered.
“I’ll never set foot in that place again as long as I live.”

The owner of Casey’s, Barbara Kessler, was unavailable for comment at the scene.
It is believed she was one of the cooks who fled the diner.   
Casey’s will remain closed until further investigations by the York Board of Health.


(Following photos were taken after a real accident on the Layout.)


York Daily Record
Saturday   March 27, 2010


Freak train accident in York leaves mess, but no injuries.

By Seemoore McTruth
News Desk Reporter

Yesterday afternoon at the East Coast Large Scale Train Show an unidentified person flipped a switch that leads from the mainline into a siding.
The engineer of a Canadian National F3 diesel couldn’t stop in time and crashed into three boxcars being unloaded on the siding.

Prior to the accident a police detail was stationed at the end of the siding while crews worked on signals.

Crews were inside the second and third boxcars unloading them.


The first boxcar was knocked completely off the tracks onto its side.
The second boxcar was pushed into the third boxcar knocking onto its side but was kept from hitting the ground because of a Police cruiser.

As the third boxcar started to fall crew members and police were able to  run to safety.

Officer Russell and K9 Alex didn't have to run because as the boxcar door was open and they were able to stand
as the car fell.  It put them in position to assist the workers who were in the car.

Officer Russell was able to direct rescue workers to help extricate the workers.

Member of the Suleski Transportation Rescue Squad were amazed that no one was injured in such a terrible accident.

Members of the Wreck Train were able to clear the siding and re-rail the boxcars.

Suleski Transportation Railroad Police are looking through security camera footage from York Fairgrounds to ID the culprit.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow.



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