5-30-09  ST container service resumes to the port of Salem.

It had been a while since containers were shipped into the Port of Salem, all of Suleski Transportations 5-car intermodal sets are in Arizona still for the worlds largest train trials.

Yard workers assembled a train of single well cars this Saturday morning, as the sun was coming up, to send to Salem over the Cape Ann Rail trackage.

ST 9042 leaving Suleski Transportations intermodal yard with a string of empties.

Crossing over to Cape Ann Rail trackage on a beautiful Saturday morning.

ST 9042 crosses the steel arch bridge before heading into Beverly yard.

The bay window caboose is bringing up the end of the train.  This unit will allow crews to look down each side of the well cars once they are filled with containers.

ST 9042 slows as it enters Beverly yard limits.

Cape Ann Rails newest engine - a Baldwin 2-6-6-2 Articulated Saddle Tank Locomotive working in service before it is even lettered.

ST 9042 enters the tunnel on the way to Salem.

ST 9042 hits daylight on the other end of the tunnel.

Cape Ann Rails wood chip train  heads across the steel arch bridge towards Bevely yard.

Cape Ann Rail's wood chip train comes through Beverly yard.

ST 9042 leaves the Port of Salem with wells cars full of containers under single stack orders.  Cape Ann Light can be seen in the upper left of the photo.

A rail fan excursion run this weekend of Heavy weight passenger cars is pulled by a 2-8-8-2 Mallet.

A PDLX train enters Cape Ann trackage pulled by two SD40-2's.

The passenger excursion pulls through the S turn at Five Sisters cut.

Cape Ann rail's Engine Facility.

Traffic is all in the sidings at Beverly yard waiting for the passenger excursion to pull through.

The passenger excursion comes across the steel arch bridge heading towards Beverly.

The Mallet pulls the heavy weights across the steel arch bridge.

The PDLX train pulls a delivery of coal for the Salem power plant and a string of Museum Quality Burlington Northern Cars.  Someone at PDLX will be in trouble for putting the coal cars at the head end allowing all that coal dust to blow back on the pristine BN cars.

One of the coal cars in the mixed freight is a BNSF hopper that someone blanked out the SF on the reporting marks and stuck a sticker over the BNSF blue cross circle.  Seems they can't get over the merger.  Too bad they didn't let a professional graphics person put it on straight.

The PDLX train is delivering a large boulder, but someone will catch hell when the senior owner finds out they used his newly repainted BN depressed center flat car without washing the dirt off the rock first.

The passenger excursion train comes out of the tunnel heading towards Salem.

The PLDX train heads home with empty coal cars after making its delivery to the Salem power plant.

Seeing the observation platform empty can only mean that all the rail fans must have heard the bar is open.

So ends another busy day on Cape Ann Rail.

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