2-26-09  ST MOW crews Rail shovel project

The Suleski Transportation's maintenance of way department worked on a special project this week to construct a Rail Shovel.  This is a one of a kind piece of rail equipment that will be used to do repair grade work along the right of way in areas where regular grading equipment can't get to.

Normally we would take a flat car of graders out to where it was needed and lower them off by crane.  Sometimes the slope of the area makes it to difficult to do this, so MOW crews came up with this Rail Shovel idea.

A depressed center flat car is brought into the shop and made ready to accept its new permanent load.

ST MOW Shops prepare flat car

The shop hoist lifts the shovel off of the low boy trailer and into position.

Shop crane hoists shovel into place

Crews work to secure the shovel to the car.

ST Crews set shovel on flatcar

An extra large diesel fuel tank is installed under the shovel.

ST MOW Crews make adjustments to shovel

Here crews install the hydraulic outriggers that will secure the car while it is working.

ST Crews work on hydraulic outriggers

The custom made outriggers are double checked for safety.

ST Crew members check hydraulic outriggers

Crews apply graphics to the Rail Shovel.  It is numbered 90226 to show it was built on 2-26-09.

ST Crews apply graphics to shovel

Electricians install a powerful flood light on the cab to light up any night work area.

ST Crew Member works on Flood light

Crews make final check of all systems before entering the new Rail Shovel onto the MOW equipment roster.

ST Crews put finishing touches on Rail Shovel

Here is the Rail Shovel pulled out onto the line.

ST Rail shovel out on the line

We may make minor adjustments or modification after the unit has been in service for a while, but overall everyone is happy with the outcome of this project.

It will be displayed at the ECLSTS and then start work.

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