Suleski Transportation & Cape Ann Rail on 5-3-09

Suleski Transportation MOW train 1 headed out over Cape Ann trackage early Sunday morning.

ST #28 GP38-2

In the train is crane  ST #2600 and our new shovel ST # 90226

ST MOW Crane & Shovel

ST #28 holds the yard switch waiting for clearance from the dispatcher before heading out with the work train.
The containers in the well car have track tools, supplies and equipment.

ST #28 holds the yard switch

ST #28 is an ex Conrail GP38-2 that has been rebuilt through our shops.

ST #28 heading out

ST Crane #2600 folded in travel position.

ST #2600

ST #90226 is looking very clean as it goes out for its first job.

ST #90226

The train pulls under Cape Ann Rails new high line.

ST MOW Train

Working its way towards Beverly yard crews enjoy the beautiful Sunday morning weather.

ST MOW Train

ST #28 enters the newest tunnel on Cape Ann Rail heading into Beverly yard.

ST MOW train heading into tunnel

ST #28 exits the tunnel coming into Beverly yard.

ST #28 exiting the Tunnel

The Cape Ann Rails newest engine facility and Beverly yard tracks

Entering Cape Ann Yard

One of Cape Ann Rails shays is doing switching duty.

ST #28 in Cape Ann Yard

As we come though the yard we can see some of the crews waiting for their trains to be made up.

ST #28 coming through Cape Ann Yard

We'll be taking the new switch to the left and heading up onto the high line to do some last minute work for Cape Ann Rail.

ST #28 leaving Cape Ann Yard

Until now only small logging trains have used the high line.  The ST MOW train crew has to check out the road bed for heavier traffic that will be coming later today.

ST #28 leaving the yard

The Cape Ann Rail yard is very busy this morning

Cape Ann Rail yard workers

It's a very different sight seeing the well used rail crane and the shiny new shovel.

ST MOW work train

The ST MOW train slows as it exits the high tunnel at the peak of the mountain.
This is the track area that needs to be checked

ST MOW work train exiting upper tunnel

Crews have found an area where the roadbed needs to be shored up.  The engineer sets the train into position.

ST work train setting up at site

Crews remove one of the containers to get at the tools needed.

ST work train placing equipment container

While the shovel works on the grade the crane crew swings rocks into place.

ST Work train shoring up grade

The new shovel makes quick work of the grading.
We figure every railroad will want one of these once they see it in action.

ST MOW work train finishing up

With its job complete, the ST MOW train heads out to check the remainder of the roadbed.

ST MOW work train moving out

We are on the plateau where Cape Ann Light sits.  Crews are running with the door open to keep the cab cool since we are moving at such a slow speed.  It is a gorgeous morning, even if this unit had ac we wouldn't need it.

ST #28 on MOW Work train

ST #28 pulls across the high line bridge.

ST #28 crossing upper bridge

The views are spectacular from this part of the line.

ST #28 on MOW work train crossing upper bridge

Following slowly behind us is a Cape Ann Rail 3 truck shay bringing cars of pulp wood down to Beverly yard.

Cape Ann Rail 3 truck Shay

Descending the grade we travel through some beautiful landscapes.

ST #28 bringing work train down grade

Crews on the ST MOW train are thinking about how they are going to spend the rest of this beautiful day once they get back to Amesbury.

                          ST #28 brings work train down grade

The Cape Ann Rail engine house is busy

Cape Ann Rail Engine Facility

Coming down off the high line and back through the yard crews from ST #28 wave to the Cape Ann crews.

ST #28 passes back through Cape Ann Yard

The Cape Ann Rail pulp wood train follows us into the yard.

Cape Ann Rail Wood and Chip train

The ST MOW train heads out across the steel arch bridge leaving Beverly.

ST #28 pulls work train across bridge

Another Cape Ann Rail train works through 5 sisters cut with pulp wood and wood chip cars.

   Cape Ann Rail pulls trough 5 sisters

A Suleski Transportation mixed freight leaves Amesbury for Beverly and Salem

ST mixed freight heads towards Bevely yard

ST #9042 waits for a signal to enter Beverly yard.

ST #9042

This is a fine sight seeing a Dash 9 and a working shay in the same yard.

ST #9042 pulls into Beverly yard

The ST mixed freight rolls through the Beverly yard on its way to Salem

ST mixed freight pulls through Beverly yard.

Climbing the grade to the high line behind the Cape Ann engine house.

ST #9042 pulls upgrade

The large engine makes quick work of climbing the grade.

ST #9042 climbing to the high line

ST #9042 runs across the plateau and heads for the high bridge.

ST #9042 at the peak of the line

Running across the high bridge ST #9042 looks like its hardly working.

ST #9042 crossing the high bridge

The crew in the bay window caboose get a great view.

The tail end of the train coming off the bridge

Coming down grade into Salem yard the ST mixed freight will take a short break while switching some cars.

ST #9042 deceding the grade

As the mixed freight heads back through Beverly yard we are surprised to see crews still sitting around even with all the Cape Ann trains working.

ST #9042 returns from Salem to Beverly

ST #9042 sweeps around the curve leaving Beverly.

ST Mixed freight coming around the curve

Another Cape Ann Rail shay out on the line.

Cape Ann Rail 3 truck shay

Cape Ann Rail caboose

The river is running fast today with all the spring run off.  I think I did see some fishing rods on that last shay we passed.

Ipswich River

Here a Cape Ann Rail shay is working across the high bridge.

Cape Ann Rail shay on the high bridge

The cars of wood chips will be heading to Salem yard.

Cape Ann Rail Chip train

ST #9042 is seen here delivering Cape Ann Rails new MOW crane #101 from the Suleski Transportation shops.

Cape Ann Rail MOW Crane #101

It is being pushed at the head of the train so it can be set off in Beverly yard.

ST #9042 delivers Cape Ann Rail crane

This crane is new from the ST shops and is being put into service today by the new Cape Ann Rail operator Eli.
His name was even lettered on to the crane.

Cape Ann Rail MOW crane

The ST mixed freight heads home to Amesbury after a great day of running on Cape Ann Rail.

ST mixed freight heads for Amesbury

It's funny how quiet and peaceful a right of way came become so quickly.

Cape Ann Rail steel arch span

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