3-16-09  Suleski Transportation's Homeland Security and Economic Stimulus page

Suleski Transportation has received its annual Homeland Security grant and additional economic stimulus funding.
We want the public to see their money is being used to purchase equipment to stimulate the economy and increase protection and security on our rail lines through their cities and towns instead of being used as raises for the upper management.

We used most of the economic stimulus money to build a new building for our Railroad Police.  This created jobs for all the local trades and material suppliers.

Suleski Transportation Railroad Police Headquarters

We then purchased two new bell helicopters.  Both are equipped with flood lights and cameras.  One is used for Railroad Police security and the other is equipped as a rescue chopper should we have to reach remote areas of our right of way.  The dual heliport is off the building roof.   We also hired 6 new helicopter pilots and four new officers(ex MP's), all were veterans returning from overseas duty.

Suleski Transportation's new Helicopter Fleet

With our Homeland Security money we purchased two new police cruisers.  Under a new agreement we purchased one each from Ford and Dodge to spread the funds between companies.

Suleski Transportation Ford Mustang Crusier

Here, officers check out a new Ford Mustang cruiser with all the latest security equipment.  It even has a laser listening device.  K-9 Alex is a bit upset as he just found out he will not be able to ride in these.

Suleski Transportation's ford mustang crusier

Here is the new Dodge Charger cruiser.

Suleski Transportation Dodge Charger cruiser

We even used money to upgrade the rims and tires to help out the local custom shop.

Suleski Transportation's Dodge Charger Cruiser

Suleski Transportation also displayed its growing fleet of electrical and signal maintenance bucket trucks.

Suleski Transportation's Electrical & Signal Maintenance Fleet

The new purchases were put to work during the NHGRS Milford show when PDLX's BN train was derailed while entering the yard.  Seems the crew wasn't paying attention.  The security helicopter flew over and gave aerial photographs to the crews in the ST wreck train that allowed them to preplan their work.

PDLX BN Train yard accident

The ST wreck train crews were busy for most of the show re-railing all the freight cars.

PDLX BN Train yard accident

Hopefully this is one engineer that will remember to follow the slow orders when entering the yard.  That is if he still has a job at PDLX.

PDLX BN Train yard accident

Mosher Tree was displaying their new tree truck at the show.

Mosher Tree Company Truck

Mosher tree bought a new 24" high powered chipper.

Mosher Tree's industrial chipper

They have also hired a new employee to head up their collection department as a lot of people are slow to pay their bills in this economy.  If that happens Guido pays them a call and shows them what will happen if they don't pay up.

Mosher Tree's Collection department - Guido

If no payment is received after the first threat, the second one usually gets the surviving family members to pay.

Guido collecting past due bills.

You have to have a lot of guts to not pay Guido.

It takes a lot of guts to ignore Guido

Suleski Transportation will be bringing most of its new equipment to the ECLSTS in York, PA.  Helicopter security along with extra officers will be guarding the Blue Moose statue to prevent any problems.


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