2-18-09  ST Paint crews do some contract and company painting.

The Suleski Transportation's Paint & Graphics department worked on Mosher Tree's fleet of trucks this fall.  Mosher Tree is another company owned by Larry Mosher, president of Cape Ann Rail, with his son.

Mosher Tree bucket truck  Mosher Tree Bucket with Larry Mosher

Scott Suleski lettering the Mosher Tree bucket truck.                                      Larry Mosher on the finished truck

mosher Tree chip truck  Larry Mosher in chip truck

Larry Mosher with the finished chip/dump truck

ex-asplundh tree truck

Suleski Transportation brought a used Asplundh tree truck into the paint shops to repaint for Mosher Tree.

starting to paint

The paint crews started painting, but forgot to change the paint in the gun...

Discussion of correct color

"What do you mean it's not being painted blue", says Mac, "I'll have to clean the spray gun!"

Painting white

Later Mac and the cleaned gun are busy putting on a coat of white

Painting the chipper

Other crew members are painting the chipper red.

Lettered door

After the paint has dried graphics are applied to the doors.

Lettered side of tree truck

The finished side of the truck.

lettering complete

Crews stand back to look at the completed truck.

Finisher chipper

Crews also letter the chipper after its red coat dries.

Complete repaint

Now the foreman can check things out as the crews clean up.

Final check of the truck systems

A complete maintenance check is done on all the trucks systems.

Mosher Trees new tree truck heading out

Then the truck is moved outside before being delivered to Beverly.

ex - National grid bucket truck

In our area national grid is being taken over by Nstar and Suleski Transportation took the opportunity to
purchase a slightly used bucket truck from them. (Yes the economy is even effecting us, we are not sure how much
federal grant money we will get this year so we have to save some on equipment.)

Repainted and relettered for Suleski Transportation signal maintenance

The truck is lettered for Suleski Transportation's signal maintenance department.  This is our second
bucket truck designated for signal maintenance to cover our ever growing right of way.

Suleski Transportation signal maintenance truck 2

Crews check out all the systems.  Not much mechanical work was needed.

ST Signal Maintenance truck heads out

This truck is moved out of the shop an put into the ever growing fleet of Suleski Transportation.

Our other project is underway in the maintenance facility and we will post photos of that this weekend.

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