Suleski Transportation & Cape Ann Rail on 8-3-08

It was a very busy Sunday on Cape Ann Rail's right-of-way.

Along with the Suleski Transportation mixed freight doing its work,

Cape Ann Rails NW2  #1053 was making trips moving tankers of Bio Diesel and Fish guts from the port of Salem.

Over the steel arch bridge to Beverly yard.

The ST mixed freight holds the yard entrance switch waiting for clearance to enter.

It was also a rail fan day on Cape Ann Rail. 
Pete Briggs brought his shay down from NH for some photo run-bys.

Ray Shoop brought 2 rebuild Budd RDC1's from Marlboro, MA for passenger excursion rides.

Following the shay so rail fans could take photos from different vantage points.

They also posed for some photo ops of their own.

The ST mixed freight passes Cape Ann Light

3 ex-UP GP38-2's owned by Tom Pfan work coal service from the port of Salem to Somerville, MA.

Passing an intermodal train waiting to enter the port of Salem.

More tanks of fish guts heading out to the processing plant.

Cape Ann Rail caboose #56 brings up the rear of the fish guts train.
Lucky for the crew there is no smell from the cargo.

During switching maneuvers a knuckle broke on one of the box cars leaving the back of the ST mixed freight stranded on the line.

The Crew in the caboose made a call and Cape Ann sent NW2 #1053 from the yard behind to pull the cars back.

After dropping the remaining box cars in the yard ST #9042 make a light move to get the rest of its train.

Holding the siding by the pond the engine crew thinks about getting out the fishing gear.

But they get the signal and head out again.

It was a busy and productive day,

Hope you enjoyed the visit as much as we did...

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