Suleski Transportation & Cape Ann Rail on 6-22-08

Suleski Transportation headed out over Cape Ann Rail trackage rights with the Sunday local mixed freight bound for Beverly and Salem..

The power today is ST #9042 the company’s newest unit, a modern Dash 9 wide cab.

Coming down through Boxford by the typical New England white steeple church.

Coming across the steel arch bridge onto Cape Ann Rail trackage.

Suleski Transportation’s mixed freight holds the main while the Cape Ann Rail tank train exits Salem yard full of diesel fuel heading to Beverly Yard.

Cape Ann Rails NW2 Cow #1053 and Calf #1054 are the head end power on this run.

Cape Ann Rail with Cape Ann Light in the background

Quincy Northern sent up a local freight to Salem. The Owner of the railroad, Tom Daley was at the throttle of number 8444. This unit is an ex Black Cat SD40-2 that gets a lot of work on the south shore..

We hadn’t seen a Quincy Northern freight since last October so it was great to see Tom's big smile from the cab.

A PDLX train leaves Salem yard while the Suleski Transportation still holds the main.

The head end of the freight is coal for the Salem power plant.

More wood chips for Ross Lumber in Amesbury.

Some of the cars are refurbished in Burlington Northern scheme, a favorite of the PDLX co-owner Paul Hazel.  Many are amazed at the pristine condition of this equipment.  It almost looks hand waxed.  What is even more amazing is how clean he keeps it with all the coal dust coming off the loads in front.

One of the last few German made US tank cars.

On the end of the PDLX train is an old caboose that is being transferred to end up as a backyard shed in someone’s yard.

Suleski Transportation was returning from the Port of Salem with empty box cars from last week’s deliveries and a special government shipment. Sorry we can’t tell you what was in the shipment (or we’d have to kill you). It is one of those services we have to provide in order to keep our grants coming. There was extra security provided by a second crew. Between the cupola and bay window cubbies the crews had great line of sight to watch over the shipment.

While the Suleski Transportation Helicopter provides air coverage.

The Tank Train slinking along like a black snake

PDLX Units working freight to Beverly and Salem from the South Shore.  Winding through some beautiful scenery. The Engineer, Dave, looks relaxed. Could it be the scenery or did he shut off the radio and disable the GPS?

Cape Ann Rail’s Tank Train coming across the bridge

Suleski Transportation heading home to its Amesbury yard with secure freight in tow.

Hope you enjoyed the visit as much as we did...

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