Suleski Transportation Milford 2008 Train Show accident follow-up:

Denneth Lee aka "TINY" is caught red handed in this photograph with an actual model of the train that caused the accident.

"TINY" denied all knowledge of the events, but was the engineer of record at the time.
We offered anonymity to the person who took this photo at the show.
Mr. Lee was also identified by a number of the passengers on the CN Budd car at the time.


Arrest warrants were issued  - the handcuffs barely fit around his wrists.

"TINY" tried to blame the track work for the accident.
The fact that over 400 trains passed there without a problem during the show killed that excuse.
"TINY" said he never saw the injured farmer that he was just trying to re-rail his train and clear the tracks.
He said he would never have left if he knew there was an injury.
The NH State Atty General is pushing for prosecution.

It was touch and go for Farmer Pender through the night.
We thought we might have to charge TINY for Man-Slaughter.
Luckily for everyone, Farmer Pender pulled through - he is now listed as stable at Boston's MGH.

Doctors were unable to re-attach his severed arm. so he will need to be fitted with a prosthetic.



Farmer Pender retained the services of a large Concord, NH law firm
Sue. Grabbitt & Runne PC

They have placed a law suit in the NH civil court to sue Denneth Lee for:

Reimbursement of the loss of a dairy cow and its projected revenue.
Reimbursement from the loss of milk production from the traumatized dairy herd.
Repair of Pasture fence.
Reimbursement of all Medical costs including Helicopter evac to Hospital.
Reimbursement for Physical therapy and all Artificial limb replacement costs.
Reimbursement for loss of earning.
Pain and Suffering for the dairy herd.
Pain and Suffering for Farmer Pender.
Pain and suffering for Neighbor Farmer Jones.
Reimbursement for all costs incurred for Suleski Transportation.
Reimbursement for all costs incurred for NHGRS.
Reimbursement for all costs incurred for the Milford Lions.
Reimbursement for all costs incurred on behalf of the Passengers on the CN Budd car.
Pain and Suffering for all the Passengers on the CN Budd car.


Being the staunch New Englander that he is, Farmer Pender was back at work fixing his pasture fence
with the help of his neighbor Farmer Jones.

We will update you once the trail happens.

Any similarities to persons living or dead is purely on purpose...

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