Suleski Transportation Milford 2008 Train Show

On Friday March 7th Suleski Transportation took part in the Milford Lions/NHGRS Gigantic Train Display.  Numerous equipment was sent to Milford over PanAm right-of-way.

Suleski Transportation trains were waiting for the PanAm (ex Guilford) Milford Local to clear the town limit before continuing to set up for the show.

This unit may soon see PanAm Blue paint, but in our opinion it is in dire need of new graphics.  How any railroad can let their diesels get to the point that it's hard to read the name on the side is beyond us.

Once in Milford, We put our Diesels and new snow plows on display.  Luckily the storm coming for Saturday was supposed to be all rain.

Suleski Transportation Railroad Police were there in full force to watch over the equipment.

Ever wary for any terrorist activity even in the small town of Milford, NH.
(Need to justify the Homeland Security grant money)

We were also present to display the Operation Lifesaver and DARE programs.

Our work train was also sent to display our equipment. 
(It was also there incase we ran into poor track work on that branch.)

Our Corporate Helicopter was brought so our CEO could leave early Saturday at 3pm to go coach an indoor soccer game and be back for Sunday's show hours.

Trackage was also granted to CAPE ANN RAIL to display some of its remaining equipment.

At around 2:30 on Sunday a CN Budd car was exceeding the posted speed limits for the display trackage when it collided with an egg liner on excursion service.  This caused the front of the car to leave the track and crash into the fence of the cow pasture of Farmer Pender.  The wheel of the train severed his right hand completely at the forearm.  The train crew backed up the car and re-railed it and left the scene.  We are not sure if they knew about the injury to Farmer Pender, but they still didn't report the incident to the dispatcher or did they leave any note about the damaged fence which was pinning Farmer Pender to the ground.

Here is a photo of the train crew speeding just before the incident from one of our security cameras.

Even with his arm severed and being crushed by the fence railing Farmer Pender kept his head. (No pun intended)  Being the staunch New Englander and working most of his life without help from any one.  He called over on of his dairy cows named Susie and had her stand on his arm acting like a tourniquet on his brachial artery to stop the bleeding.  He was like that for almost 30 minutes before Farmer Jones noticed the damage to his neighbors fence and went to check it out.

Even in the state of shock he was in after seeing his long time neighbor in that state, he was able to call 911.

Suleski Transportation Railroad Police and Ambulance crews responded quickly from their location on the display.

After Farmer Pender was bandaged and a tourniquet applied.  IV 's were administered.

The Suleski Transportation wrecker was brought in to remove the damaged fence.

One of Farmer Pender's dairy cows was killed in the incident.

Once the fence was cleared Farmer Pender was Transported via Helicopter to MGH in Boston.

The next photo is a close up of Farmer Pender severed hand - it's not for the squeamish.

We are not sure if Doctors will be able to re-attach it.  It might have been possible if the engineer had called for help sooner instead of fleeing the scene.

The following is a BOLO issued by Suleski Transportation Railroad Police:

Further information will be posted here later today.

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