Suleski Transportation Plow Extra 4.

It's February 22 and the worst snow storm of the season is upon us. 

Suleski Transportation will be battling Mother Nature with a new force.

Sitting on the ready track is Plow Extra 4

This is the first time a six axle diesel will be used in plow service to keep our main line operational.

SP-8 is on the head end of Plow Extra 4.  This plow throws snow to the left and will be used to clear double track areas on the left track.

Side view of SP-8 from the large wing side.

Bringing up the tail end of the train is SP-9.  This plow throws snow to the right.  By using a plow on each end of the train the Plow Extra doesn't have to turn around while working double track areas.


Here is a side view of SP-9 from the large wing side.

This is the front view of SP-9

Other Plow Extras out working tonight:
    Plow Extra 1 is powered by ST 21 and headed up by SP-1
    Plow Extra 2 is powered by ST 1993 and headed up by SP-2
    Plow Extras 3 is powered by ST 28 and headed up by SP-7

We'll try and get more photos when the sun comes up.


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