CAPE ANN RAIL running on 10-13-07

It is Saturday morning and there is a free weekend in our CEO's high school soccer coaching schedule.  While the coach has given his players the day off he has also agreed to cover the Saturday engineers shift so he can attend a family wedding.  Of course since he is the CEO he told the chief mechanic to put ST 9042, the companies Dash 9 wide cab, as the power on today's run.  Anyone else would just use the head end power that the chief assigned, but owning everything has some privilege.

So as the morning sun rises ST #9042 powers up and backs onto the local mixed freight waiting in the yard.

Since it is a Saturday there is light work so it looks like the run is a bit overpowered, but there is something to be said for riding in the comfort of a climate controlled modern cab with air ride suspension.

Today's run starts out heading south to Beverly for a meet with Cape Ann Rail.

Turns out that Cape Ann Rail's CEO Larry Mosher is also working as the Saturday engineer. 

Seems his choice is a triple lash up of GP38-2's.

Larry heads out to pick up his train after coupling up one of Cape Ann's bay window cubbies.


Coming down off the high line ST #9042 heads past the sand towers of the Cape Ann Rail engine facility.

The end of the ST train is brought up by a center cupola ex-Conrail caboose.  This unit is sporting a ST seal until there is time in the paint shop.


Larry Mosher has hooked up to a coal train to make its delivery.


As the mixed freight heads over the steel ach bridge you can see the view from the top of the hill.  The pulp wood cars are going to a factory that makes pellets for wood stoves.

Cape Ann Rail's triple lash-up is working hard on a coal drag heading towards the Salem Power Plant.


The ST mixed freight waits by the tower for the Cape Ann Rail train to clear Beverly Crossing.

A photo from across the valley show both trains.

Coming into the Beverly yard for some interchange.

A good rail fanning photo spot at the Y.

The Cape Ann Rail Engine Facility is empty as every engine is out working.

Heading back to Amesbury in the comfortable wide cab.


This was a great way to spend a free day.

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