CAPE ANN RAIL running on 07-07-07

The day started with test of an ex CN NW2 that was rebuilt in the Cape Ann Rail Engine Facility.  The owners had come up to take it home to its CT Short line.  The engine worked moving tank cars of fuel for the days running.

Suleski Transportation sent a work train down with a crane to be ready to keep the lines clear.  It was a precaution because so many engineers from off line would be working this day.

Here a Suleski Transportation intermodal holds the yard track as Paul Hazel backs his train up without the protection of an EOT or Caboose.  The Dispatcher soon assigned a cubbie to the train.

ST intermodal freight heads around the upper bridge over the waterfall.

Two Black CAT's come through the rock cut at 5 sisters.  These SD-40's have been released from Cape Ann Transportations roster and are under new ownership by Paul and Dave Hazel.  They soon maybe wearing new paint.  A third Black Cat SD40-2 was purchased by Tom Daly of the Quincy Northern.  There were two other SD40-2's that were sold as Cape Ann Transportation did away with its 3 axle power.

The ST Intermodal passes the Black Cat coal train on the double girder bridge.  Notice the catenary has been removed from this area of track.

A Cape Ann Rail caboose protects the rear of the Tank Train.

The ST Intermodal is hit by the sun as it crosses the steel arch bridge coming into Beverly yard.

The 3 GP-38's of Cape Ann Rail sit outside the Engine Facility ready for the days work.

The CN NW2 brings the tank train into the Beverly yard.  The ST Work train sits in the yard, its crew watching the action and hoping for a quiet day.

ST #9042 pulls the intermodal through the cut to the port of Salem.

The Cape Ann Rail GP-38's pull a coal train through the S Curve at the five sisters rocks.

Some empty tank cars are hitching a ride with the coal train.

The CN NW2 and its caboose sit next to the tank train after delivering it to the farm.

The Cape Ann Rail coal train passes the ST intermodal in the double track area of Salem.  The intermodal is heading to the port while the coal train is pulling empties back from the power plant.

Mean while an ex CSX GP38 owned by Suleski Transportation is brought to the Engine Facility.  The unit is being sold to Cape Ann Rail.

The Cape Ann Rail trio of GP38's head up another full coal train.  The head end power smokes as it works up to speed.

The Cape Ann Rail coal train comes through the Beverly yard.  The Black Cats are also bringing a coal train into the yard.  While the ST work train adjusts its track position.

The ST Work Crane heads through the Beverly crossing off to work.

Here is a photo of the ST 2600 crane.  It is moving into position to rerail a tank car.

ST #28 takes the Work Train home at the end of the day passing the water fall.

Of course it wouldn't be a day of railroading with Suleski Transportation without a moose sighting.


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