Sunday April 22, 2007

It was after a major Nor'easter had hit New England and many areas were recovering from record floods.

Right-of-ways were checked and crews began moving intermodal freight.

Crews get ready to bring loaded containers to Salem from Amesbury early Sunday morning.

Two Black CAT SD40-2's bring traffic down grade to Beverly yard.

ST # 9042 ex CSX Dash 9 brings a single stack intermodal train to Salem under the catenary.

Once outgoing containers are delivered to Salem yard, crews turn around quickly as waiting trains are ready to head back to Amesbury.  Port traffic has been busy even during the Nor'easter.

The articulated cars glide under the power lines.

Two Black CATs haul a tank train of diesel fuel to the Cape Ann Rail engine facility.

Their newly painted caboose #43 brings up the tail end.
For more tank train photos

The ST Intermodal heads down grade crossing over the CAT Tank train.

Here the ST intermodal waits for the towers clearance to enter the crossing.


Once the train proceeds the tower crew eye balls it as it passes by.

Heading across the arch bridge towards Beverly

Here trains refuel at the CAPE ANN RAIL engine facility.

The engine facility was a welcome addition for crews and diesels alike.
For more photos of the facility


Heading towards Beverly yard the train comes around and passes the interchange tower for the second time.

With all the Salem yard tracks empty the last intermodal heads out.

The end of the last intermodal heading back to home tracks in Amesbury.

It was a great day to be on the line enjoying the sunshine.

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