December 31, 2006 after the last snow storm of the year crews from Suleski Transportation were set to bring freight down to the new CSX Salem freight yard.  Early this morning a moose was seen walking across the newly laid rails - yes that's considered very good luck for a New England Railroad.  Crews were hoping to get enough freight moved so they could sleep in tomorrow after ringing in the new year.

The steel arch bridge was still covered in a light dusting as the sun started to rise.

A trio of CSX GP38-2's, running elephant style, approach Gloucester Crossing with a coal drag heading for Salem yard.  The day was bright and sunny and the snow is not expected to last more than a few days.

ST #28 a GP38-2 heads up a work train checking snow bank clearances along the right of way to make sure the intermodal well cars will make it through curves.

 The first ST intermodal freight of the day heads over the arch bridge into the CSX Beverly yard from Amesbury. 

 After delivering some containers to Beverly the ST intermodal heads under the catenary towards Salem yard under single stack orders.

The intermodal freight backs into the Salem yard between a ST MOW work train and a few light engines.

Here another ST intermodal freight crosses over a CSX coal train.

Another shot of the CSX head end power pulling through the snow covered New England countryside.

All Trains on the CSX Beverly Sub carry a caboose for safety backing into Salem yard and for Homeland Security precautions.  CSX is using an old Chessie cubbie.

ST has an old Conrail unit that it hasn't repainted yet.

Here a CSX coal drag crosses over a ST intermodal freight.

The ST MOW work train descends the hill into Gloucester crossing while CSX coal train heads into Beverly yard.  Larger coal trains are split up in the Beverly yard before climbing the hill to the Salem yard.  Once crews become trained in helper service and CSX gets more power to the new Beverly Sub, the larger trains will run straight through.

Here a ST intermodal holds in the crossing waiting for the CSX coal train to clear.

The ST SD45 #6114 heads out after getting clearance from the tower.

Here ST #28 waits to come out of the Salem yard while a CSX coal train passes.

CSX uses a mixture of 70 ton hoppers on the Beverly sub.  They haven't updated the Salem power pant since it was built so larger cars can't service it.

Some of the 70's still carry B&M markings.

The ST work train had to go fix a catenary pole that started to lean.  It caused a slight paint scraped along the side of each well car on the last intermodal to pass.

A shot of ST #6114 as it pulls through five sisters cut.

A shot of Salem yard during one point with all the tracks full.

It was a great day to be out on the right-of-way and also a great way to end 2006...

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