Suleski Transportation sent equipment to display at the new Cape Ann Train Museum today for the 4th of July weekend.  I know you've never heard of it.  Well Larry Mosher, former owner of the Cape Ann Transportation Company, closed down intermodal operations to the port of Salem, MA ending a successful joint operation between Suleski Transportation (ST) and Cape Ann Transportation (CAT).  Larry said he retired and opened a Museum to run steam engines and display old railroad equipment for days gone by.  Trackage to the Port of Salem was removed for a bike path in the Rails to Trails program.  ST has gone back to working its intermodal service with CSX and MASSPORT.

        After some further investigation by ST Railroad Police detectives it is believed that members of the Boston Longshoremens union and the Teamsters, worried about cutbacks due to the declining intermodal freight going through Boston, approached Larry with an offer he couldn't refuse.  While detectives have no solid evidence and Larry has declined comment - it is our belief that the Port of Salem intermodal service was too successful.  Well enough of theories - let's just say Larry is happier with his steam engines and his new track layout - for now...


Here are some photos from the days running:

ST 21 brings a work train and test double stack car to make sure of clearances under the new bridges.

Chuck Karpinski from the Coventry CT (a CCTGG Member) brought up an electric Accucraft steam engine and passenger consist for excursion runs.


Here the work train enters the yard and passes Larry live steam engine warming in the siding.

After checking all the bridge clearances ST's Dash 9 brought a string of intermodal cars down from Amesbury to run at the Museum for all the people who like to see modern diesels instead of old steam engines.

Here is the Dash 9 coming into the yard after a brief morning shower.

Here is Larry's steam engine out on the line...

There was an SD70mac UP unit also on short display

Suleski Transportation also ran it's SD45

Over all it was a great day even though we didn't make any revenue runs.



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