July 10th, 2005

Suleski Transportation purchased the CSX Dash 9 and applied a ST seal to the wide cab while it works today on intermodal service on Cape Ann Transportation trackage.  Crews from the paint shop are already working on a scheme for its new graphics.

A black CAT SD40-2 works the inside track with a tank train while two intermodal freights work in and out of the yard.

Here the Black CAT tank train heads towards the port of Salem while an intermodal train holds the siding.  You'll notice the Caboose on the end of the tank train.  These were put into service by Cape Ann Transportation President, Larry Mosher, due to heightened security on commuter rail and the railroad right of way.  The Caboose carries extra security personnel.

Here ST 21 & 28 pass ST new Dash 9 holding the siding.

Here you can see an old CAS container from when the railroad was call CAPE ANN SERVICES and a new CAT container.

ST # 6114 a SD45 works its intermodal freight up grade.

It was a busy day and engineers from the Quincy Northern Steamship and Navigation Company were also on loan to Cape Ann Transportation.  They had been trained on the rules and procedures at a previous day this winter.  Dispatchers were kept on their toes as the CAT trackage was running at capacity.

One intermodal train heads into the yard as another climbs the grade.

It was a beautiful summer day as trains ran from 8am to 3pm to get all the freight delivered on time.

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