July 5th, 2005

The day after the holiday, crews return to work after enjoying time with their families and friends.

ST #2028 an ex-Conrail GP38-2, still wearing its Quality paint scheme, works to bring a load of double stacks from Amesbury to the Cape Ann Transportation yard in Beverly.  Many in the ST paint shops want to get the corporate paint scheme on this unit while a few Conrail fans was to keep it a while longer.

A CSX Dash 9 unit brings a single stack train into the yard. Two ST units sit idle waiting for the yard switcher to build their train.

Suleski Transportation is getting ready to purchase a Dash 9 unit from CSX so crews from ST and CSX work together to learn the units capabilities and the right-of-way.  Not every day you see a GP38-2 leading a Dash 9.

The train heads out towards the port of Salem from the CAT yard.

Coming down grade the train passes a CAT intermodal freight holding the siding.

We then passed another CAT freight on the double track main.

Once in the Port of Salem yard ST #2028 stayed to do some switching work while the crews put the Dash 9 to work on a return trip.

It was a beautiful day to be riding in a wide cab and enjoying the view.

The Dash 9 crawls towards the switch to keep momentum while waiting for the pair of Black CATs to bring their train clear.

Coming into the yard past the new switch tower under the watchful eyes of the CAT yard master.

Crews waiting for the dispatcher to send them on their way.  It shouldn't be too hard to guess which train will get preference from the CAT dispatcher.

It was a busy day over CAT trackage bringing all the intermodal freight that had backed up over the holiday.


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