It was a beautiful March afternoon and while all the Boston politicians were celebrating their St. Patrick's Day breakfast, crews from Cape Ann Transportation, CSX, Union Pacific and Suleski Transportation were busy running freight to the Port of Salem.

The two Black CAT SD40-2's pull an intermodal train up grade.

Following the black CATs is a UP coal train run through with Tom O'Neil in the engineers seat.  ST # 2028 an ex-Conrail Quality GP38-2 brings another intermodal freight into the CAT yard.

The three UP GP38-2's have no problem working up grade.

Here a CSX dash 9 wide cab pulls an intermodal train through the tunnel towards the CAT interchange yard.

This shot from on top of the mountain shows the CSX intermodal coming out of the tunnel while the ST train holds the siding.

Here ST #'s 21 & 22 bring another intermodal freight across the steel arch bridge into the CAT yard.

Here the lead UP unit pokes its nose out of the tunnel

Another intermodal train headed up by ST #6114, a SD45, pulls out of the yard while a the trio of UP GP38-2's heads down grade with a coal train heading for the new power plant in Salem.

ST's Intermodal freight holds the siding while the UP Coal train comes down grade into the horseshoe curve.

This is the first time UP coal trains have had run though permission on the CAT Trackage.

Sun glints off the coal loads

The UP coal train holds the siding waiting for the CAT freight to clear the single track tunnel.

The Black CAT's passing the ST intermodal freight with ST 21 & 22 on the head end.

ST #6114 pulls its double stacks past the black CATs waiting in the siding.

The UP coal train heads upgrade while ST #2028 is crossing the steel arch bridge in the background.

ST #6114 heads into the yard while the CAT intermodal climbs up grade.

Bright sunlight shines on the coal filled hoppers as they are passed  by an intermodal train of double stacks.

It was a very busy day with numerous intermodal freights and the first coal drag.  Crews enjoyed the weather and are really looking forward to spring.

ST crews head home with containers from the port of Salem.  Some will be delivered from our own yard and other will be interchanged with Guilford, Mass Central and the Providence & Worcester.


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