High winds coming down the Merrimack river valley put a single stack order up on the board in the office of Suleski Transportation's dispatcher.  A winter storm warning was posted for Monday afternoon into Tuesday.  It looks like March will be coming in like a lion this year.  The yard boss was pushing to get all Intermodal traffic out  and to the Port of Salem before the storm closed down the line. Everyone remembered how clogged up our yard got in January when CAT trackage was closed down from the blizzards.  Extra crews were called in and every piece of working power was put on duty.

Here ST #22 a U25B and #1993 a FA unit are pulling Intermodal freight towards the Port of Salem over Cape Ann Transportation trackage.

Later in the afternoon the winds calmed and the sun was bright, it was the calm before the storm.

While ST #21 is in the shop having a coupler repaired ST #22 was put into service even though the side railing and sun shade are broken off.  It will be due for its turn in the shop tomorrow.


Here another ST Intermodal train headed up by ST #28 a GP38-2 pulls out of the yard with its Intermodal freight while a CSX Dash 9 returns light to its home tracks.

In honor of CAT's CEO's birthday, the crews from the Rockwall Canyon Railroad (RCRR) of Hampstead New Hampshire ran a passenger excursion train over CAT trackage.  The train was headed up by an ABA set of F3's in Maine Central livery.  The refurbished heavy weight passenger cars were once used on the Boston & Maine RR.

The trail end of the 5 car excursion train crosses the steel arch bridge.

The RCRR Passenger train holds the siding while a CSX Dash 9 pulls an Intermodal train by.

Again the RCRR Passenger train holds the siding while another ST Intermodal freight passes on the climb upgrade.  RCRR crews made jokes about feeling like Amtrak engineers sitting and watching freight trains.  CAT & RCRR CEO's didn't seem to notice though as they were enjoying Larry's birthday celebration.

A CSX train climbs the grade while one of ST's Intermodal freight starts to enter the yard.

ST #28 prepares to cross the steel arch bridge.

The RCRR F3's run downgrade at the same time as the ST freight crosses the steel arch bridge.

CSX trains are bringing intermodal freight into the CAT interchange yard.

The F3's running through the woods.

ST coming down grade while CSX brings its Intermodal train into the yard.

The Black Cats of CAT moving a tank train and intermodal freight..

ST power in the CAT interchange yard.

ST Crews watch CSX back intermodal freight into the CAT yard.


Another ST intermodal freight enters the Port of Salem tracks.

ST Power heads to home track at the end of a busy day.


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