February 20, 2005

Intermodal Service on Cape Ann Transportation (CAT)

The January snow fall has all but melted and regular train service has returned over the tracks of the CAT.  Thousands of containers had backed up in Suleski Transportations yard and were waiting for delivery to the Port of Salem.  Cape Ann Services (CAS) has changed the name of their rail service to Cape Ann Transportation.  The new black and yellow company paint scheme has given the units the nickname of "Black Cats".

Here Black CATs prowl past an ST train in the siding.

A CSX Dash 9 brings in an Intermodal freight to the CAT yard.

Suleski Transportation first Intermodal freight heads out over the arch bridge to the Port of Salem.  The freight is powered by ST #21 a U36B and ST #22 a U25B.

Here the ST train holds the siding while the dispatcher lets the CSX  train pass.

The CSX Dash 9 smokes as it works up grade.

The ST train crosses the girder bridge over the still frozen river and pond.

The ST freight rounds the horseshoe curve on the inside track as a CAT train climbs up grade on the outer track.

Here in a rare photo the pair of Black CATs hold the upper siding before coming down grade.  usually they get preference from the dispatchers on their home trackage.

It is an eye catching paint scheme in their fresh paint.  You can see some old ties in the foreground of this photo left over from the rail upgrade project completed last year.

Later in the day ST #28 a GP38-2 took over as head end power while ST # 21 returned to the ST Maintenance Facility to have a broken coupler repaired.

Here the crew holds the siding, stopping to allow the shadow from a tree to shade the cab.

Here ST #6114 with Tiny (Dennith Lee) at the throttle heads up a tank train with the ST wreck crane in tow.

The ST freight on the move.

Here the Black CATs wait for the ST Tank train to clear the switch.

Here the ST Intermodal freight passes the ST Tank Train.

Some action in double track territory

CATs climbing the grade while ST freight waits to head into the yard.

Some shots of the ST Tank Train passing the ST Intermodal freight.



For the last few runs of the day ST added another U25B to their power consist. 

Photos from the ST Corporate Helicopter

It was a great day of running, but it had to come to an end.


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