It was mid January 2005 and temps were supposed to reach a record setting 60 degrees, but it turned out the temps only reached high 30's by mid day.  The high temps were due by late this evening.  The rising temps and melting snow was creating an eerie fog that floated in the low areas.

Suleski Transportation was running joint Intermodal service with CAS, and we were also joined by crews from the Rockwall Canyon Railroad (RCRR) of Hampstead, NH.

ST#21 & #22 set out a string of single stacks at the Port of Salem.

RCRR # 5036, a SD40-2, brings another string of Gunderson well cars into the Port.

Here both ST & RCRR crews hold the sidings while the dispatcher gives a CAS train priority.

Here ST #6114 leads a work train out to do some minor work.

The work train crossing the steel arch bridge

Here the ST work train is in the siding as the RCRR passes with another Intermodal freight.

The CAS SD40-2 # 5836 pulls through a snowy cut.

ST #28, a GP38-2, holds at the switch where the double track turns to single.

RCRR # 5036 and ST #6114 pass on the horse shoe curve.

RCRR # 5036 passes ST #28 while crews prepare to eyeball each others trains for inspection.  You can tell its unseasonably warm for January as crews are running with windows and doors open.

The RCRR also brought their B&M 2-6-6-0 steam engine to set a new first by having Steam pull Intermodal freight on the CAS.

Here are some photos of the historic first.

Crews got out of the cab to take some photos of the Steam engine.

Once again the CAS train gets priority while ST and RCRR crews sit by in the sidings.  The Dispacther said something about they didn't have to wait cause it was their railroad.  ST & RCRR crews were heard to mumble something about knowing how Amtrak crews felt now.

ST #28 gets ready to head out after being passed by a CAS train.

Another shot of the RCRR B&M steam engine on Intermodal service.

Yet again the Dispatcher has ST crews sit in the siding waiting for CAS to pass.

As the daylight fades crews from Suleski Transportation head back to Amesbury and home trackage.

It was another fun day on the CAS.

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