Plow Extras on Suleski Transportation right-of-way.

ST #24 the NW2 switcher pushes SP-1 the companies gull wing wedge plow from the yard tracks to the waiting Plow Extra as snow begins to fall.

After dropping off SP-1, ST#24 heads back to the yard.

Crews check the operations of the wings and put the plow through its check list before heading out.

Today's snow is light so only one diesel has been assigned to the Plow Extra.  ST # 28 a GP38-2 is plowing the main under one of the signal bridges.  The Plow Extra consist also includes a MOW box car with repair parts incase they are needed, and C-12 Suleski Transportation's red caboose.

Here the Plow Extra clears the long girder bridge:

Here are photo's of other plow extras:

When snow is very heavy and deep up to three diesels can be assigned to Plow Extra duty.  Lexi the chocolate lab can be seen riding the back porch whenever C-10 ,the grey work caboose, is assigned Plow Extra duty.

Some Video Clips of Plow Extras on the ST.

Plowing a Drift with SP#1

Plowing the day after Christmas '04

Trying to clear a snow filled plate girder bridge

An Intermodal freight running through a drift.

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