The date is May 21, 2004 and crew members of Suleski Transportation headed out to work with Larry Mosher, President of the WWPRR in Beverly, MA.  Track crews helped to remove sections of old under weight 215lb rail and replace it with new 332lb rail so that Intermodal freight trains can use the right of way.


This photo shows ST 24 with a MOW tool box car and caboose going over the first of two new bridges that were rebuilt in the project.

Here is the same train heading to the work area

This photo shows the train coming out of the only tunnel on the line.  Clearances were checked by crew members for Double Stack service.  You can see the last few feet of the 215lb rail that will be replaced.  Currently there will be a slow order on this area of track.

After a days worth of work reballasting roadbed and laying ties and rail Suleski Transportation became the first company to run double-stack Intermodal service on the WWPRR.

This next shot was taken from our corporate helicopter

Of course even though all the bridges and tunnels were checked for clearence, there were a few trees that got pruned on the first run.

Over all it was a fun day for crews from both railroads working together to allow for Intermodal run through service by Suleski Transportation over trackage rights of the WWPRR.

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