August 14, 2005

Suleski Transportation MoW crews were dispatched to assist Cape Ann Transportation in the building of a high line fly over that will connect to CSX and Beacon Park yard in Boston without going through the Cape Ann yard.  The President of the Quincy Nothern Railroad from the south shore was up to observe and take notes and photos of the CAT & ST operations.

Pictured here ST #21 heads the MoW train with both ST work Cranes.

Also on the end of the train is a string of ST cubbies which will be used in the days running on CAT trackage to provide safety and security.

A tank train heads out of the CAT yard lead by one of the SD40-2 Black Cats while the other two head up an intermodal train under single stack orders.  While the fly over is under construction at the entrance to the yard, double stacks will not be run for the safety of the MoW crews working above.  Two NW2's sit by the engine house that is under construction.

ST#24 an NW2 in company colors brought ST #1201 an NW2 in B&M Minuteman Livery to the CAT yard.  this NW2 unit is being sold to Cape Ann Transportation as Suleski Transportation has no further need for this 3rd unit on its roster.

The ST work train passes the CAT tank train

ST #6114 holds a single stack container train in the siding while the ST work train passes

Crew members in the crane tender enjoy the open air

Finally the ST work train enters the CAT yard where the cranes will be separated and put to work lifting girders.

ST railroad police provide security during construction of the fly over girder bridge above.

ST #9042, a dash 9 wide cab, leads another single stack train out of the CAT yard.  This unit hasn't had a chance to get into the ST paint shop yet.

Here ST # 9042 holds at the yard entrance while two of the Black Cat SD40-2's return with a train of containers from the Port of Salem.  You can see the start of the girder bridge fly-over that is being built.

Around 1pm that afternoon the engineer and fireman jumped clear as the dash 9 derailed and rolled on its side.  No one was hurt and the engine just needed to be righted and a small section of rail repaired.  The CAT dispatcher put all trains into sidings and cleared the way for a crane to be brought to the site.  It seems the engineer is one of the newer members of ST who came from previous employment on the Union Pacific where he had plenty of experience jumping from engines.  He even told us that the Union Pacific paints "UP" on the front nose of its engines to help the MoW crews get them back on the tracks, although we don't see a need for that on our railroad.

The dispatcher put out the call to all essential personnel.

Crews in the Black Cats were held in the yard while a crane was sent out.

ST's more modern crane was sent because of its higher lifting capacity

After the unit was righted and rerailed the tracks were cleared.  The work train backs down into the yard and the CAT container train heads out and up grade.

Despite the accident, it was a very successful day and I'm sure the president of the QN got plenty to see.  He even bought lunch for the Presidents of CAT and ST.  It was a successful day for everyone.

The last train of the day pulls into the yard under the watchful eye of the yard master in his tower. 

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