July 22, 2005

With the heightened security levels around the MBTA and Amtrak because of the London Bombings, Suleski Transportation is adding to its railroad police fleet to keep their lines secure and their customers feeling confident in rail transport.

New federal money came after an additional homeland security grant was applied for.

Two new cruisers were purchased, a black and white Ford Crown Victoria and a white Chevy Impala. Naturally we took advantage of the employee discounts each company is offering. Both units received ST Seals on their doors and roof.

Then we were contacted by an Ambulance manufacturer who had a unit all ready for the Warrenville Fire Department and they cancelled their order due to budget cuts.

This International cab and custom body was exactly what we were looking for.

Our paint shops took the unit in to remove the black on silver letters.

The area was masked off and the black was removed first

Then the area was re-masked and the silver was removed.  Re-masking helps keep any of the solvents from damaging the main white body paint after soaking into the masking tape during the first color removal.

After the Warrenville lettering was removed the unit was compounded and cleaned.

Then ST Seals were applied.

The unit is stocked with all the latest equipment.

Suleski Transportation will now be able to respond to any emergency on its own property along with assisting local communities with mutual aid.

Later we will try and get more of the fleet together for a publicity photo.

Our Railroad Police have over seven vehicles working on security for Suleski Transportation.

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