Suleski Transportation is known for its graphic design and painting skills.  We have designed seals and logos  for the New Hampshire Garden Railway Society and the Central Connecticut G Gauger's.  We have painted and lettered rolling stock for numerous railroads including the Freedom Central and the Cutlerville railroad.

One of the most fun and inspiring projects was a subcontract to Ken Hawes of Milford, NH for a New York Fire Department engine and caboose to pull a special train in memory of the Firefighters of 9/11/01.

On February 16, 2002 Ken's railroad sent down an NW2 and a caboose which was taken inside our Engine Maintenance Facility and brought into the spray booth.  The engine was masked and sprayed red. Here is a photo of it druing inside the spray booth.

After the paint cured our graphics team went to work lettering the engine.  These shots are from the safety catwalks above.  The engine was numbered E-911.

Here is E-911 heading out of our Engine Maintenance Facility completed and under its own power.

While the paint crews worked on the caboose, E-911 went and got one of the four commemorative box cars that Ken Hawes owned lettered for 9-11-01.  Here is a photo taken of E-911 backing the box car into the bay to couple onto the newly finished caboose.


After coupling onto the caboose, E-911 pulls it into the sunlight for its first photo op on February 18,2002.

Once back in Milford, NH the train added the three other FDNY 911 boxcars and has made numerous appearances through out NH and the east coast.  Suleski Transportation's crews were proud to have a hand in working to create such a tribute to the brave men of the New York Fire Department.

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